Late nights have left me hoping for the best
And dreading the worst
Wishing for my dreams to come true
And knowing wishing won’t get me anywhere
Late nights have left me tired
Grasping onto every tiny little piece of motivation that I can find in the back of my mind
“I just need to stay up”, I tell myself
“Just one more hour and this work will be done”
I said the same thing two hours ago
Late nights have taught me that I am a liar
I am a slow worker
A procrastinator
I have potential, but I choose not to use it
And caffeine only works if you let it
Late nights are the reason I drag myself out of bed
Why I feel weak on an almost constant basis
They are the reason why I lose motivation
The reason I lack energy
Late nights have opened my eyes
Dilated my pupils
Danced words from my assignments around my head
Both educated me and helped me lose all coherent thought
Late nights are a constant in my life
Short days and long nights
Late nights are the reason I can make it through the day
And my essay is on the desk at 9am
Late nights are what I am made of
Late nights are my saviour
Late nights are tormentor

– Priscillamf (05.06.15)