I have often wondered if there was such a thing as love
What a miraculous world we would live if that were true
I have found that many profess the word ‘love’ with no real meaning behind it
‘Oh I love that’
‘I would love it if that happened to me’
‘I love you’
I suppose love means ‘like’ rather than true love
It’s used in a way that’s only slightly stronger than like, but is still somehow just as close to dislike
Its meaning has weakened
Its everyday use has made it seem less important than it once was
So I suppose when you told me you loved me
You meant that you liked me just that bit more than like
I suppose I should say that that’s what I’d meant too
But I can’t deny that I’d thought you’d used the word in its real sense
Its original sense
So I can’t deny that that’s not what I’d meant
Because when I’d said it to you, I had believed that love truly did exist
And we had found it
It would appear that I was wrong
So I hope you would excuse my scepticism about the matter of love
Because I had loved once
But you had merely liked


– Priscillamf (10.12.15)