Retrace my steps and take me back to the place I once was
Maybe then I can turn back the clock and rethink my decision
Choose the rights words to form the sentences I said to you, but maybe coherence isn’t my strongest point
Let me take a step back and change my answers
Say something different to that question you asked
I guess “no” should’ve been “yes” and maybe then I wouldn’t feel like I was wrong
Give me another chance and turn back the sand timer
Return each grain of mine and help me feel whole again
Erase the answer for number 9, I’m sure it was D instead of B
Let me try again, I want to do better
And maybe this time I’ll know what it’s like to be proud of myself
Maybe this time I’ll decide to put my happiness before yours
Maybe I’ll finally learn what happiness is

-Priscillamf (25.03.16)