Unseen and unspoken
Words I wish applied to me
I’m drowning in a bathtub
Or I wish I were
Nothing majestic
Just somewhere other than here, please
Centre of attention
That’s not my place
Visible eyes see visible scars
Visible pain, and visible fear
I reprimand myself in my head
A preview of what will happen next
What my audience will say
Mouth open
I want to scream
Only air seeps in, and nothing comes out
I plead with my eyes
“This was a mistake
“You shouldn’t have seen this
“Please leave”
My audience is silent
Unaware of the message my eyes are sending
There must be no signal
No connection between us
I guess that’s why we don’t speak anymore
How can I expect to get in contact with you,
When we’d lost signal long before?

– Priscillamf (04.07.16)