Washed up on shore like the rings that used to hold up your beer cans
Pollution is a problem but so is my love for you
Trapped in an endless cycle
I guess that’s what our rings represented
Diamonds will always shine, regardless of the dull in your eyes
In my eyes
‘This is for forever,’ isn’t that what you said?
Endless confessions of love but only when you’re 3 cans down and I’m halfway through red
Words words words
It burns my throat, my heart
I wish I could burn this house down
‘Don’t take my lighter away,’ it’s safer in my hands than in yours
You’re only angry when I’m angry
And when I’m not
Red red red, like blood
Isn’t that your favourite colour?
Isn’t that the colour of our love dying?
Or is it the white of a plastic bag ebbing and flowing with the tides?
Isn’t that how our love works?
Back and forth like how the oceans edge kisses the sand and then leaves

– Priscillaf (04.05.16)