Sometimes I don’t think you hear the words that I’m saying to you
Less like a sponge and more like a tunnel
I speak to your hollow soul, hollow ears, and hollow mind, begging you to listen
Blank as a wall
It’s a pity being so tall when you have no depth
I’m not saying I hate it, hate you
I’m not saying I don’t love you
I just wish you’d absorb more
Take in and analyse, be open not hollow
You don’t always have to be right, you know?
Sometimes I hurt for valid reasons too
It’s not just an overreaction, don’t belittle me, please
Did you forget that emotions were subjective?
Why do you make me feel like our relationship is one sided?
You’ve never once told me what you’re feeling beneath the surface
Never wanted to listen to what I was feeling either
Maybe never is a strong word, but sometimes I feel like our love is only physical
Why are we only connected through touch?

– Priscillamf (30.09.16)