I’m really having a hard time on my own over here
Haven’t you noticed?
My chest is hurting
Heart is breaking
But you’re sitting over there barely speaking
Glance my way once
That’s all I beg of you
I’m not an attention seeker
But goddamn don’t treat me like furniture either
I can barely breathe
Holding back tears
And an urge to rip my skin apart
I’m struggling to stay alive
I don’t think I want to anymore
Can’t you just notice?
Can’t you see the tears in my eyes when I smile
Hold on to me and tell me to stay strong
That things will get better
Can’t you do that for me?
Can’t you tell me that everything is okay?
Tell me something that’ll stop me from self destructing
Just tell me anything
I just want to know that you’re there for me

– Priscillamf (21.12.16)

(Trying to post more often than not. Avoid all your troubles and pretend everything is fine this festive period)